Broadcast 'Medical Research: Houston, we have a problem'!

We encourage you to share the documentary. We're making it very easy for you.

From Right to Health Foundation we want to offer you this documentary for spread and screen it in places and events were you consider that could be interesting. ¨Medical research: Houston, we have a problem¨ is free of rights and you can (and should) share throughout the world. Universities, cinemas, centers of leisure and culture, homes, social centers, etc.: anywhere is good to show this to one person or group of people this international and actual problem.

By clicking on the download links you will get different versions of the documentary, one of 55 minutes or another 27 minutes long, with English or Spanish subtitles. You will also get a manual that explains the problem, with the technical sheet included. Also there is a generic poster that you can complete with the place, date and time in which the documentary will be screened, if you want to disseminate information about event. There is also a document attached with some questions that might be raised in a later debate and that will lead audience to the reflection.

And finally, a form which you can fill in after the screening of the documentary that we have information about when and where documentary was screened. We will be waiting that to mail box. We encourage you to organize events and to disseminate the documentary. In case you need anything, please do not hesitate to write to us.

Thank you!

Broadcast Pack Medical Research: Houston, we have a problem

What are you going to download?

  • The documentary, of course
  • Guidelines for understanding key aspects of the documentary and technical specs
  • Screening form to be filled out and returned
  • Poster with blank spaces to add information about your event
  • Interesting FAQ’s for debating after the screening

Thanks for your help!